Family Movies

February 2014

Jonathan’s birthday party 

December 2013

Quick view: Davis family – New Year 2013-14

Xmas – New Year 2013-14

June 2013

Blenheim Palace & Tower of London visits

June 2012

James’ 30th birthday (Windsor)

April 2012

Simon’s 50th birthday party

September 2011

Quick view: Kaufman family – Stephen Shaw’s 60th birthday

Kaufman family gathering

August 2011

Greenwich & Tower of London

June 2011

Jerusalem and Yad Vashem (Israel)

August 2010

Marc’s 30th birthday (Henley)

Family lunch with Moya (Borehamwood)

February 2010

Family Lunch Feb. 2010

December 2009

Family lunch Christmas 2009 

Christmas lunch 2009 (large file)

March 2008

Gina & Jonathan (S. Carib. Cruise)

Quick view: Pearl Wedding Anniversary – lunch party

Pearl Anniversary Lunch Party

November 2005

Gina’s 50th birthday lunch

June 2003 (James’ 21st birthday)

Quick view: James’ 21st birthday – Henley on Thames

James 21st Birthday (Henley)

March 2003

Silver Wedding Lunch Party

Quick view: Silver Wedding – anniversary lunch

Silver Wedding Lunch Party (large file)

August 2002 (Marc’s 21st birthday)

Marc’s 21st birthday (Holders Hill Park)

July 1995 (James’ Barmitzvah party)


Quick view: James’ Barmitzvah (July 1995)

Grandma Solomons (July 1995)



Quick view: Grandma Solomons & family (July 1995)

October 1993 (Marc’s Barmitzvah party)


Quick view: Marc’s Barmitzvah (October 1993)

Gina Davis (circa 1958-1970)

Gina Davis (The Early Years)


Quick view: Gina Davis (The early years – to around 1971)


The Davis Family Movie – From The Nineties to the Noughties

Part 1 – From 1991

Quick view: Davis family movie (part 1)


Part 2 – From 1993 to 1995

Quick view: Davis family movie (part 2)


Part 3 – From 1998 to 2010

Quick view: Davis family movie (part 3)