Monthly Archives: December 2007

Visit to Santa Claus for Scott & Alex

Sunday 16th December 2007

This afternoon we took my brother Simon and our two nephews, Scott & Alex, to visit Santa Claus at Ruislip Lido. First the boys had a great time playing on the frozen beach, and then after some much needed hot chocolate, we all took a short train ride on “Santa’s Express”, where all the children were introduced to Santa, and then rewarded by each receiving an early Christmas present.

Trip to Rome

22nd to 26th November 2007

Over quite an exciting and extended weekend at the end of in November, Gina and I spent five really enjoyable days in Rome. Though one day was work related, we were able to take in some very memorable sites; from the Vatican museum, Colosseum, Palatine, Circus Maximus, the Pantheon, Trajan’s Column, Forum, Market place, and many others, but far too numerous to mention here. We also spent two wonderful and fun evenings with my work colleagues, who came all the way to Italy, from many countries, as far afield as Canada.


EarlierĀ I found Gina, just outside the Colosseum, demonstrating her skills of swordplay with some Centurion friends of hers !

Gina (Colosseum, Rome)