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Holiday in Gibraltar

Thursday 31st August 2006

First, very happy birthday to Marc !!! – many happy returns of the day, from Mum, Dad , James & all the family.

Hi everyone!

Gina & I just got back from a week’s holiday in Gibraltar. We took a day trip to Tangier (Morocco, North Africa), where we saw everything from snake charming to listening to a small group of musicians whilst eating cous-cous in a restaurant in the Kazbah! Later in the holiday we did everything from a cable car trip up & down the “Rock”, seeing the local “Barbary Apes”, and visiting both St. Michael’s cave and the WW2 tunnels built by the Britsih Army. The place was full of very friendly people, from many backgrounds who all seem to live togther in perfect harmony – perhaps a lesson to us all! The shopping is tax free and many different types of places to eat.

All the best, Gina & Jonathan