Monthly Archives: May 2010

Visit to Windsor & Eaton

Sunday 30th May 2010

Today Gina & I had a wonderful day out, visiting both historical Windsor and Eaton. After a delicious English scone tea, we also walked in the Great park, and finished off a lovely day with a trip on a ferris wheel, which gave us some really fantastic aerial views of the surrounding castle and area. (You can see the shadow of the wheel in the foreground).

“Buscation” in Seville, Spain

Monday 3rd May 2010

Gina & I have just returned from a lovely “buscation” in Seville, Spain (i.e. half work, half holiday).

Here we are enjoying a post seminar dinner with my colleagues from many countries around the world, from the U.S.A. & Canada in the west, to Poland & Russia in the east.