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Uncle Lou’s (Lee) 90th birthday

Sunday 28th October 2007

A very big happy birthday and congratulations to uncle Lou on the occasion of his 90th birthday. Also, a very big thank you to cousin David for organising a smashing party in the evening, and mazeltov to Zara and Avi on the announcement of their engagement.

Uncle_Lou (90th birthday party)

Alex’s 7th birthday party

Sunday 14th October 2007

Today we celebrated Alex’s 7th birthday (actual date earlier this month). The weather was absolutely fabulous for this time of year. At first we all went to the local park, then came back home and had the tea party in our garden until Simon & the boys left at 6.00 pm. Not bad for this time of year !

The picture shows Alex (left) and brother Scott.

Cruise in SW Mediterranean

Hi everyone,We just got back from a quick weeks’ cruise holiday in the SW Med. This one took us, after flying out to Nice, France; from the Port of Savona in North West Italy onto Naples (Italy), Palermo (Scicily), Tunis (Tunisia), Majorca (Ballearic Islands, Spain), Barcelona (Spain), Marseilles (France), finally back to Savona, and then home.

The weather was pretty good and most of the places we visited were very interesting. Especially seeing the old ruins of Carthage in Tunis, Gaudi’s architecture in Barcelona and the areas around the Port of Marseilles.

Picture below was taken on the Gala Evening, aboard the “Costa Fortuna”.

Gala Night

Best wishes to you all,

Gina & Jonathan