Monthly Archives: June 2012

Visit to HMS Belfast

Wednesday 20th June 2012

Taking advantage of the rare sunshine this summer, Gina and I decided to go on board HMS Belfast, the floating Imperial War Museum warship, moored since 1971 on the River Thames, near London Bridge.

The ship was fully commissioned back in August 1939, just in time for the start of World War II. She performed heroically on the Artic convoys to Russia, including taking part in the sinking of the German pocket battleship Sharnhorst, at the Battle of the North Cape, 26th December 1943. Belfast then played an active roll in D-Day (June 1944), and last fired shots in action during the Korean war. 

Here we are taking control on the bridge. We were told that the forward gun turrets could take out our home in west London, so were very careful not to press any buttons!!!


Visit to the Cutty Sark

Tuesday 19th June 2012

Today Gina & I visited the recently refurbished “Cutty Sark”, a “tea clipper” built back in the 19th century, and now in her final resting place, at Greenwich, London.

Whilst the ship is next to the River Thames, it is actually raised up in a dry dock, but in a clever enginnering form that causes less stress to her hull.

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee street party

Tuesday 5th June 2012

This afternoon Gina & I went to a local street party near our home, to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

There were about 150 people of all ages, with lots to eat and drink, plus games and a live group to dance to. The atmosphere was really great. Many thanks indeed to Ruislip Baptist Church for organizing the event and inviting the whole neighbourhood !

Visit to Henley-on-Thames

Monday 4th June 2012

Today Gina & I took advantage of a good break in the bank holiday weather, and went for a really nice long walk at Henley. The picture below is at Marsh Lock.

Not quite as exciting as the Queen’s Pageant the day before, but at least it was dry!